Fbx Review Makes Its Way To More Platforms Including Mac Os X

FBX Review is now available for Mac OS X and iOS systems. This software can be used to examine Maya files in order to find bugs, as well as provide feedback about them such that they may improve their products or services on future releases of the application (such an FBX).

FBX Review is a free, lightweight, standalone software tool for reviewing 3D assets and animations

FBX Review

The Autodesk FBX Review is a lightweight application that will allow you to quickly review three-dimensional assets and animations (baked in). This program has been set up so users can do detailed visual inspections of their 3D Content, allowing them to toggle between shading modes while examining how it’s lit from different angles. With this tool at hand it only takes minutes before an artist figures out what needs fixing!

FBX Review is a simple application, but it offers great features for viewing content on desktops or the go.

  • Users can toggle beteween shading modes, animations, cameras, and lighting options to better evaluate their 3D content. Touch UI on mobile devices makes reviewing assets on-the-go easier than ever.
  • Users can import and review a variety of 3D file formats without using full commercial 3D animation software: .fbx, .zip, .abcˆ, .3ds, .obj, .dxf, .dae, .bvh, .htr, .trc, .asf, .amc, .c3d, .aoa, .mcd.
  • Switch between shading modes: wireframe, faceted, shaded, textured, and wireframe overlay.
  • Toggle scene lights, shadows, and tessellation.
  • A high-fidelity viewport supporting DirectX 11 helps users review assets and scenes with a wide range of visual effects.

You are even able to view from multiple cameras, and view multiple animation takes in a single file:

  • Examine animations and scenes using familiar and intuitive play, pause, and scrub-through controls.
  • For files containing user-created cameras, FBX Review allows the user to toggle between them. If no cameras are saved, FBX Review provides default orthogonal and perspective cameras.
  • If multiple animation takes are saved within a file, a simple drop down enables rapid switching between the takes.

Some of the latest Autodesk releases have been a big deal for those who work in 3D. The new features on iOS and Mac OS X not only offer more control over how you do your job, but it also means that there is even less need for any other apps! One such addition which should be quite welcome by designers everywhere: FBX Review 1.2 now supports ZIP files as well as geometry caching support when importing models from this file type into another app like Studio or 123D Design.-
The company has gone ahead with implementing several improvements across its product line while adding yet another layer to help professionals design better products efficiently than ever before.

New Features in FBX Review v1.2

Now on iOS and Mac OS X

  • You can now use FBX Review on-the-go from your iPhone or iPad with iOS 7.0 or higher. You can also get FBX Review for Mac OS X.
  • Better camera control – Users can now re-focus the perspective camera on a selected part of the asset, which re-orients the regular camera controls. This helps make reviewing detailed assets much easier by focusing on just on part of the asset at a time.

Support for ZIP Files

  • FBX Review now makes asset review easier with support for ZIP files. Models and textures saved into ZIP files open correctly without needing to assign textures manually.

Geometry Cache Support (for desktop version)

  • FBX Review now supports geometry cache playback, including Maya cache, 3ds Max cache, and the Alembic cache format. Geometry cache support is only available on desktop versions of FBX Review.

FBX Review Availability

In addition to OS X and iOS 7, FBX Review also supports Window 7 and Windows 8. For a complete list of FBX Review features,

visit: http://area.autodesk.com/products/features/fbx.

To download FBX Review for iOS 7, visit: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fbx-review/id836019254?ls=1&mt=8.

For Mac OS X, visit: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fbx-review/id868956490?ls=1&mt=12.

Fbx Review Makes Its Way To More Platforms Including Mac Os X
Fbx Review Makes Its Way To More Platforms Including Mac Os X