Feast Your Eyes On Sticky Paint For After Effects

Sticky Paint is a new plugin from AeScripts + Aeplugins. It’s not available yet, but they were showing it off on the NAB show floor!

Stick your cursor over this message if you want to know more about Sticky Paints latest update – which includes our very own FL Studio integration feature for realtime scratching and remixing in live video compositing environments.

Sticky Paint is a new revolutionary way to paint in After Effects. “Stick” your paint directly on 3D renders, onion skinning, textures brushes and more all directly in your compaescripts + aeplugins

Sticky Paint for After Effects will allow you to stick paint elements directly on 3D renders in Ae. StickyPaint acts like an in-comp paint tool, allowing 2d and 3d layers with or without transparency be painted onto thing s at once using the “sticky” brush tool which glues them together so they appear as if part of one object rendered out by a computer program called “After effects”
The best way I see this working is if someone were creating something then wanted it’s final render output look more realistic than just adding individual items here n there because even though each item has its own properties being added into adobe compositing software AE.

Keep your eye out for Sticky Paint for After Effects over on aescripts + aeplugins.