Fields Hair Cinema 4D Tutorial Sea Anemone

By RocketLasso

Scene files and more! via Patreon:

Scene Files from this tutorial via Patreon:​

Fields + Hair Project 1. Instead of just the raw info, I build a little scene with a fish and some sea anemone to demonstrate some ways of using Vertex Maps to control and color Hair inside of C4D!

00:00:00​ – Intro
00:01:22​- What is already prepared (fish ‘model’/rock)
00:02:46​- Adding simple looping movement to the fish
00:4:40​- Using C4D Hair to build a sea anemone
00:9:47​- Adding random moment to hair
00:13:34​- Making Hair react to something moving nearby
00:24:14​- Disco!
00:28:51​- Adding depth to the environment
00:29:54​- Adding more artist control to the setup
00:33:33​- Using the same Vertex Map to generate color to the Hair
00:39:48​- Making more than one with an adaptable rig
00:52:05​- Creating a path for the fish to travel, novel way to create the spline. Plus rail spline!
01:07:49​- Adding bubbles to the fish
01:16:20​- Using visible lights to add more detail to the background.

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Thanks everybody



Software used:
Cinema 4D​

Get access to bonus streams, scene files, and more.​