Find The Right Icon For Tools With Maya Iconfinder

Felipe Ramirez’ IconFinder Lets You Collect the Icons Maya Uses and Extract Them for Your Tools.

The free IconFinder tool by Maya expert Felipe Ramirez makes it easy to customise your own shelf icons. Now you can save time and effort when designing new objects or editing already existing ones in the graphics software!

The icon library for Maya is an invaluable tool that can help you find and use all icons more easily. You’ll be able to search the list with ease, as it will show your results on a map (that also allows filtering).

Extracting each icon leads directly into its full path at which point they’re easier than ever before! Simply right-click them if needed so their paths are saved too; export those custom folder of extracted images – there’s no need anymore because we’ve got these tools available now thanks to this new script from Scripts4Rent: The Icons List ForMayaOnlineIconsListExtractorAndExportFolder.

IconFinder is free to use with Maya 2017/2018, so why not check it out?