First Steps With The Arnold Toon Shader

Roland Reyer Covers Working With The Arnold Toon Shader in Arnold Render 5.2.

Autodesk’s new Arnold Toon Shader lets you easily create line and simple-shaded artwork form 3D models. Watch this short 12 minute tutorial where Autodesk’s Roland Reyer helps users get started working with the tool in Arnold 5!

Arnold’s Toon Shader is the new way to draw your lines. It uses contour filters, which can be more challenging than paint effects but generate great results on large and complex scenes like characters or vehicles in motion with many details. The old Maya technique of using curves for outlining has its advantages too – they’re simpler because you don’t need any samples at render time; however there are some drawbacks such as difficulty editing strokes if something goes wrong during preprocessing.

What makes Arnold different? That’s where their newest product comes into play! You see all those wacky looking outlines around movies these days- well guess what guys?! They’ve got nothing on us now thanks to Toonshaders…

To create a toon style, one must first adjust the line drawing and shading on your model. Next you can set up an appropriate tone map for when certain parts are shaded in order give it that extra touch!