Fix Fractional Keyframes With Keyframe Correct 2

Shinsuke Matsumoto’s script for After Effects makes short work of snapping fractional keyframes to the proper time.

I always get the feeling that I’m missing out on something when working in After Effects. There’s no way to easily fix fractional keyframes, and unless you’re really careful with your work it can occur often! Luckily for me though there is a new update from Shinsuke Matsumoto which makes snapping those pesky frames back into whole time easy as pie (or Cake)!

Shinsuke’s Keyframe Correct is the best way to nudge your AE keyframes to whole frames. If you retime animation by changing frame rate or using the ‘accordion’ stretch, you’ll need this! – Steve Kirby (@stevekirby) April 23, 2019

Why are fractional keyframes such a detriment to your work? Well, as an example if you have a smear frame for one frame and it doesn’t land on “a whole” value in time, then all other applications that animate will miss out because the animation features these programs offer like snapping don’t operate correctly. However with Keyframe Correct 2 there is no need to worry! This simple script nudges every misplaced or skewed edit point back into position so they’re aligned correctly without any problems whatsoever; maybe even saving hours of tedious labor right off-the bat.

Keyframe Correct 2 is a course that will help you create the perfect dance music videos from start to finish. With this powerful tool, it’s easy for beginners and pro dancers alike! Learn more about how it works by clicking here or watching our video below: