Flexible Eyebrow Rig In Maya Using Curves

The rigging controls for an eyebrow area of character Luiz Philippe Moreira, which will provide lots of control with not a lot in the way.

how to setup Eye Brow controls for you character

The animator will have a lot of control and flexibility over their eyebrows with the use of Curves instead. Luiz does this by using techniques similar to those in Hollywood animated movies, which are made possible because he’s created an algorithm that drives deformation on his mesh via curves.

The idea behind rigging up complex animations for characters can seem daunting at first glance but it doesn’t need be as difficult or time consuming if you know what tools work best from start-to finish! The process starts off by creating an expression rig…

A Curves Control Vertex is a special type of Geometry that can be used to follow the shape and deformation in an object. To create one for this tutorial, add triangles at each polygon vertex near where eyebrows should go – set it’s scale so they’ll disappear when you move around other parts on face or attach them with bones if needed (I will show below). Afterward make sure all curves are bound by selecting both nodes connected through edges called “Curve” from Objects menu under Mesh.