Flow Will Change How You Work With Ae’s Graph Editor

You’ve been struggling with the aging and confusing mess that is After Effects’ graph editor for too long. It’s time to get an upgrade!

The new tool from Tomas Sinkunas and Zack Lovatt, Flow, will forever change how you work with the Graph Editor in After Effects.

Flow is a powerful and intuitive interface for customizing animation curves. No longer do we need to open the graph editor, or make complicated expressions: all you have to do in flow is make one curve and apply it!

Flow Animation is a new animation tool that comes with 25 common used presets. It’s based on the Easing Functions created by Robert Penner, so you can already start animating in less than five minutes!

Flow looks likely as being something every AE user has been waiting on since its release – it can take away so much time spent scrolling through dropdowns or editing properties inside graphs themselves . Visit Aescripts + Aeplugins if you want more information about flow before diving right into using this awesome new tool immediately

Flow gives you:

  • Easy-to use Curve Editor: select one or more points along its length with mouse button1 then drag up/down between them whilst holding shift so as not touch adjacent pixels; release when finished moving freely without letting go
  • Read Values from AE will analyze your currently selected keys and set the graph to their in/out curves. This way, you can always see how well a key is being used or if there’s one that needs more attention than others!
  • Bezier points are a great way to create smooth curves. If you’re familiar with the CSS cubic-bezier() transition, these values work exactly like they would and will produce an exact same curve! Click here for more information about how beziervalues work in Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 or earlier versions of Photoshop & Sketch.
  • Save to Library saves current curve for later use with a single click.
  • Ever dream of getting your hands on a set of perfect, in-key keys for every song? Keys is the answer. Apply as either an expression or key with Flow – it’ll take care both times!
  • The curve is a great tool for musicians who want to have greater control of their performance. You can use it in different ways, depending on what you’re trying to do at the time!
  • Ever been on the receiving end of an animation curve that no one else has seen before, but it’s clear you’re not alone? Import / Export Library provides a simple way for teams to share their own custom created animation curves. Check out our packs below!
  • Flow’s interface is fully responsive and will adjust to any given situation. No matter if you want a wide layout with the graph, or slim line for library navigation -Flow can accommodate all your needs! Simply slide in between friends using our hidden panels when necessary so that only what’s important stays forefront at all times