Fluid Designer For Creating Parametric Objects in Blender

3D printers and model making tools like Lego bricks are great for kids, but adults will love Microvellum Fluid Designer. The intuitive workflow of this design engine plugin in Blender makes creating models easy as pie! You can do everything from designing kitchens to drawing office spaces with furniture or cabinets – no matter what you want your finished product look like it’s all at your fingertips thanks to the parametric abilities built into this fantastic program
-Input by Anderson Towson.

The 3D design process just got a lot more exciting with Fluid Designer. Now, you can create your own furniture and fixtures from scratch in minutes! With base shapes that accommodate any size or shape as easily as dragging it on the screen, only limited by what imagination has to offer–the possibilities seem limitless.

What kind of chair would someone want? Well personalized seat designs are there for those who prefer them; we’ve also got legs available if less mobility is an issue (or perhaps they’re too tall). The best part about this plugin: all work done automatically – no need for programming knowledge whatsoever.

Fluid Designer is a software that anyone can use to create 3D models. It’s distributed under Microvellum’s GNU General Public License (GPL), which means you’re free distribute it and even study how it works or alter these files if necessary!

The new plugin from Microvellum is not quite ready yet but it will be released soon. You can preorder the Fluid Designer and get access to exclusive early beta features before anyone else! Check out their page for more information here: https://www.microvelloimaging dot com/products/.