Fluid Dynamics System Fumefx Makes Its Way To Cinema 4d

AfterWorks preps FumeFX for Cinema 4D, currently in open beta.

C4D is getting a whole lot of new tools to play with, and they’re all top-of-the line. A plugin developer has added FumeFX to its list for Cinema 4D users who want more fluids in their scenes than just water or oil! This tool originally came paired as an add on from 3ds Max but now you can get access without any extra software needed by upgrading your copy here at Animation Nation.
Fluids have been used frequently throughout history because it’s so easy: just throw some paint onto canvas till ya feel like stopping.

FumeFX is a plugin that can simulate and render realistic fire, smoke, explosions or other gaseous phenomena. It’s now in open beta for Maxon Cinema 4D!

The plugin represents another valuable tool for fluid simulations that has tight integration with C4D. Now, users can change parameters while the simulation occurs and viewport feedback will give them instant insight into how their changes affect what they’re seeing in 3-dimensional space (though this isn’t true VR). It allows you to produce render quality images without ever leaving Cinema!

The FumeFX 5.0 for Cinema 4D open beta program is currently running, so if you want to learn more about this exciting new update head over here!