Formation of Urine – Nephron Function, Animation.

By Alila Medical Media

When you wee, it may not be to flush out all of those excess fluids from your body. The one thing that flushes quickly enough is urine itself! In fact, this process happens in 3 stages: first there’s formation where cells change into squiggle things called glomeruli which filters out only healthy stuff; second comes the excretion phase during which toxic substances are removed by our kidneys and finally clean water enters circulation as parturition or egestion occurs when we go #2 again… don’t worry though because doctors have a few tricks up their sleeve 😉

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Blood enters the kidney via a renal artery, which divides to smaller arteries and finally arterioles. The filtrate of blood travels through these segments before being stockpiled in nephrons for filtering purposes; this part is referred to as “glomeruli.” Glomerular membrane complexity allows water molecules trapped within it pass quickly out into urine while others stay behind due their inability passage without some kind assistance (like an ion channel). Urine will then exit from your kidneys on its way back home with all that’s clean

Blood comes pouring into one side –

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