Free Bounce and Drop After Effects Preset

After Effects artist Sergei Prokhnevskiy is giving away a free copy of his latest preset that can help you create bounce and drop animations quickly. The tool makes use Dan Ebbert’s inertial bounce expressions, which were released last year as part of IndeMotion’s library for After Effects users to unlock more features using expression presets from various designers including Nathan Paetzel, Rob Leiddons-Bondiukovskih or Evan Joseph Parkes among others!

If you already have keyframes to a layer in After effects, simply apply this preset and add bounce or drop effect.

Sergei walks through downloading and using the preset, which offers some tips for what to know about it. He displays how different expressions are changing by visually showing their effects in the graph editor with animated gifs that show all of his actions as he creates them at once (virtual pressing buttons).

If you are looking for a lightweight way to create bounce and other inertial effects, check out the Free Bounce & Drop After Effects Preset from!