Free Drop To Floor Updates For Cinema 4D

AJ Haines Updates the Drop to Floor Plugin to Work With C4D R20.

You know what’s coming next month? The release of Cinema 4D R20, and many C4D users are eager to upgrade. But due to changes in the API that will affect plugins including Drop To Floor (which has been around for a while now), not all plugins can work with this new version! Thankfully though there is one solution: AJ Haines rewrote his plugin using Python so it works perfectly when released on October 16th 2017.

Drop To Floor R20 is a free utility from Alpha Pixel that can be used in any project. With one click, you will have the ability to place objects on the ground plane of your scene and eliminate manual adjustments for alignment with gravity fields or other fixtures! AJ says this tool has saved him hours every week when working with models before knowing about its existence; now he doesn’t think twice about where they need drop off because it’s done automatically by DropToflowR200..