Free Preset Creates A Great Stop Motion Effect In After Effects

The Waenderer shares an Ae preset that makes a great-looking stop motion animation effect. The resulting video has the perfect sense of style, movement and humor for your project!

Stop motion is a popular type of motion design that sometimes includes creating the appearance or impression that something has stopped in place. This new After Effects preset makes it easy, offers lots of control with ease-of use features for all types and levels of users who are looking to create this look quickly without having any technical knowledge about what they’re doing at all!

About The Waenderer 

Thanks for watching! The Waenderer is a weird motion designer who worked for ten years in advertising and corporate. One day, he decided to leave it all behind – which gave birth (or rather re-gifted) his new found free time with After Effects as an outlet on where he can experiment more freely without having any deadlines or pressure of what needs done next; just explore creativity through design elements such as presets, tutorials & plugins while also sharing scripts that help other designers out when they’re stuck at their own pace during production process .