Free Script Automatically Finds Hard Edges In Maya

Play Creative posts a free script for Maya that automatically finds hard edges. Perfect for hard surface modeling.

Do you know that tedious time-consuming task of selecting all those edges with beveled lines? Well, now you can save yourself some trouble by automatically doing it for free! With the new Play Creative script, this job will only take seconds.

Select Hard Edges is a powerful tool for selecting edges in photoshop. It can be used to quickly and easily edit specific areas on your model, especially when you want to create corners or fences with these special angles precision-oriented features that are perfect as templates before starting any work in Maya.

comparison between Photoshop Select: Select hard edge select polygonal face polygamy point subdivision, Point selection keeps all non-selected points connected by vertices. Polygons may have been moved around within its boundaries but still contains only those faces which lie entirely inside the outlined boundary surface leaving gaps outside it.

Check out Select Hard Edges for Maya here.