Free Spiderweb Script For Maya Even Offers An Animated Spider

Joe Withers has released a new script that you will want to check out if creating web-like effects is your thing. Spiderweb Generator can be used for anything from Web shooters in video games, 3D renders or even scientific demonstrations like weather balloons!

The script will build a spider’s web around some anchors. Simply place the anchors where you want your spiders, adjust their parameters to create an awesome-looking creature for any space!

The Spiderweb script even has an option to include a spinning animated spider, that’s sure to catch your child’s attention. It might not be perfect yet so if you plan on using it do pay close attention!

You can use the Spiderweb Generator Script to add spiders in your shots for Halloween. It’s an easy way to creep up some existing scenes and it won’t take much time or effort, so why not give it a go?