Free Tool Converts Zbrush Fibermesh To Cinema 4D Hair

Zbrush has a lot of great workflows that users can take advantage of this way. You can cult details in Zbrush and bring those into C4D as displacements, you could bake normal maps with the help from FiberMesh – but what about specific things like cloth?

A lot people often use both programs at once: they have their favorite tools for modeling one thing while another app is used to create documentation or provide feedback on designs via visualizations such as wireframe models which allows designers get immediate responses without even having prototype anything yet!

Are you looking to create hair, fur and even vegetation in Zbrush? If so then FiberMesh is an excellent tool for fiberous creations. Unlike other post rendering effects which only produce 512 polygonal mesh renditions of your model after it’s finished being rendered with Photoshop or another graphics editing program; this feature will actually generate actual geometry that can later be used within C4D!

One of the main challenges with converting Zbrush Fiber-mesh to hair is that there are many different types. This simple Python script makes it easy, though!

That is, if in fact you want your hair/fur imported as geometry. Having a mesh for the creation process doesn’t leave much room to work with and can be difficult when trying out new styles or even just maintaining an animal filament tail long enough so that it looks good on screen without looking matted-down after hours of use during gameplay!

But thankfully we have this handy script from Singapore-based Motion Graphics Artist Shawn Wang who has made some presets tailored specifically towards those interested with PolyCounts like ours.

Shawn recently ran into a problem while working with both Zbrush and Cinema 4D. You can’t actually import curves or splines from an OBJ file, but luckily there is solution! It turns out that you just need to create custom tools for your end use – like this python script created by Shawn which converts FiberMesh elements in ZBrush into Hair Objectivies compatible ones found within C4D software package (for those who haven’t heard of them before). Check it out at Custom Tools page: zburs hairdo translator.