Ftrack Launches Unreal Engine And Unity Plugins For Ftrack Studio

Now you can get an official ftrack studio panel right in Unity and Unreal Engine.

Now there’s an official release for ftrack, right in Unity and Unreal’s real-time engines. fTrack is the project management and media review platform where teams can collaborate on creative projects with ease thanks to its easy navigation features as well as collaborative cloud storage options

Now you don’t have any excuse not show off those skills because we’ve made it easier than ever before!

Artists and animators can now work within the ftrack Studio panel of Unreal Engine. They are able to import, version public assets as well as uploadued tasks for supervisors or producers monitor all ongoing production workflow with ease by viewing assigned workloads online through this platform.

Now you’re able edit your projects directly from within an interface in Ftracks’ new plug-in called “Unreal” which gives artists/animators more control over publishing content than ever before! This tool provides access not only what has already been created but also helps manage deadlines so everyone involved knows exactly where things stand at any given time–whether it’s regarding payments owed (if there have been delays) or simply improving performance on future jobs because.

Stockholm, 13 October 2020 – ftrack is pleased to announce that they have officially added the Unreal Engine plugin for project management and media review software. Francisco Trujillo CEO of ftrack says “It’s about time!” in celebration; He further adds: “We are excited because now our customers can access these two world renowned game engines without having any additional costs or commitments with their standard subscription plan.”

 Real-time project management

The Unreal Engine and Unity plugins for ftrack Studio empower artists to manage, schedule, track their animations on the fly while keeping an eye on real-time production progress. The native panels within these powerful software programs allow creators interact with source materials in ways that would have been impossible without them – giving you more time to focus your creative output!

 Unreal Engine and Unity plugin features

  • For everyone: Import assets from Unreal Engine/Unity into ftrack Studio; version assets; publish projects to ftrack Studio and view published assets; reimport a published scene.
  • For producers: Supervise all ongoing work in a real-time pipeline; organize project workflows; allocate teams and individuals to tasks; run online video review on assets.
  • For artists: Follow detailed to-dos as curated by project coordinators; add notes to work; update versions; document all progress and notes in ftrack Studio’s production tracking platform.

Watch the Unreal Engine for ftrack Studio plugin video

 Watch the Unity for ftrack Studio plugin video

At ftrack, we consider integrated project management and production tracking to be crucial in an age when pipelines are more complex. The creative industry has never had such flexibility so it’s important than ever before for artists and engineers alike.

No matter their field of expertise-to stay organized with our Unreal Engine plugin as well as reuse old assets by recording the history behind them through Studio locations like a Project folder or Asset Library that can save people time on individual assignments while still providing access across projects at once via Smart Collaboration Management features which allow teams to contribute wherever they need assistance from other groups within your organization without having those requests show up cluttering somebody else’s Inbox!