Generating A 2d Track From The 3d Camera Tracker In After Effects

In this video, Dylan Reeve helps you to convert a point from 3D camera data into 2D Tracking Point. This is helpful when the tracking may be going haywire and needs an extra push in order for it fix itself or if there’s something specific that stands out among other points on screen but not easily found by eye alone – like perhaps where someone walks through doors at different angles over time as they move around within your scene!

A quick tutorial for After Effect CS6 and later about generating a 2D track from 3D Camera Tracker data

Dylan uses an interesting example to explain why you would want to do a conversion like this between 3D tracked points and 2 dimensional space. Using the simple but powerful ToComp expression is one way that can be used for doing such conversions in After Effects, check out how it’s done with Generating 2 D Track from AE Camera Tracker here!