Genshin Impact – Shading in Blender (Texture and Shaders SOLVED)

By Activemotionpictures

Genshin Impact 3D models for Blender can use a stylized shader that mimics the game. We will walk through correcting Chinese names into English ones, as well as identifying textures and visemes (phonemes) of Lisa’s facial expressions with this animation software!

For a full list of tools addons and workflow,
I wrote a complete article here:
Patreons get the shader and files here:

Latest CATs addon for Blender 2.9x:

Stay until the end of this video because we have some amazing questions and answers for 3D users!

Here’s the OVERVIEW summary for what we will be working on, today.
0:00 – Preview

0:51 – Textures and Material renaming
9:04 – Blend shape names
10:04 – Shader setup for meme faces
10:41 – Blend shape names
13:22 – Mouth blend shapes (visemes)
15:22 – Build physics
15:38 – Import a .VMD file for walk cycle
16:10 – Bake physics
17:37 – Stylized shading
20:20 – How light and shadow work
21:40 – How to do smooth shading
22:55 – Create the light threshold
24:38 – Skin and cloth shading
28:48 – Hair shading
38:00 – Trim the hair highlights
43:42 – Questions/Answers + Conclusions

The techniques from the Guilty Gear Stylized shader for Blender will be used in this video. However, if you want to learn more about that series and how it works then click here:

The tone should remain informative throughout while still keeping interest through engaging storytelling

Guilty Gear Stylized Shaders in Blender’s EEVEE
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Eleline: Koto no town


You can find .VMD motions everywhere. The one in this video is called “Cat Walk”.