Geometry Nodes For Profesional Jewelry Design Using Blender 3.0

By Rohrbach Jewelry Design

Geometry nodes are the key to creating beautiful, intricate jewelry designs. With Blender 3D’s new Geometry mode and these simple tips that I’ve learned from years of experience designing with them–you can create amazing pieces in no time!
It all starts by choosing your mesh object(s). Add a knife tool if you want precision cutting skills like me (or just use scissors), then select subdivisions on either side as shown below: Once those points have been selected around what will become each End Point or Midpoint – hit CTRL+S (“save”) for immediate gratification later when building up our design layer-by

Creating an eternity ring from scratch using geometry nodes is what I do. No matter if you’re a hobbyist or professional jeweler, it’s fun to 3D print your own designs with the unlimited potential of customizable shapes and sizes! Here are some tips on how:

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