Get A New Free After Effects Anti-aliasing Tool Fxaa

With this tool, you can get rid of aliased lines and achieve a smoother result for free.

Some ways to anti-alias images are more resource intensive than others. FXAA, or Fast Approximate Anti Aliasing doesn’t need a lot of computing power and is speedy too!

FXAA for After Effects.

Thanks to the folks over at Plugin Everything, you can get high-quality anti-aliasing in After Effects with a new and free plugin. FXAA is especially useful if your work often has crunchy edges (aka jaggies) like when doing motion trails or smears using Echo effect on cartoons such as Moblur Pro Studio Template Pack 3Ds Max 2010 Mac Os X.

Fancy graphics don’t always have clean lines; they’re full of little wrinkles that make them appear less smooth than we’d expect from an image taken by Camera Raw processing software straight outta Photoshop CS6.

Get FXAA for Free.

The new AA plugin from Plugin Everything is available for free. Get it here, and check out their other plugins too! The product works with AE CS6 or newer on both Mac & Windows computers to provide you with some great features that will enhance your video editing experience. A creative presentation of information about an attractive offer.