Get Amazing Looking Fabrics With The New Instant Fabrics Textures

The FlippedNormals team has recently released a new product that helps you get amazing looking rendered fabrics in your work. It’s called Instant Fabrics, 20 tileable fabric textures with Normal Maps and Height maps for each material type! Simply add these files to any 3D software like Max or Maya where they can be used to render the perfect woven cloth pattern on top of an existing model – all without having stitch lines showing when viewed from different angles.

Instant Fabrics is a collection of high quality textures that were specially designed to be used with 3D modeling software. Each texture has been generated by the artist’s hands, creating an unprecedented level or detail for these types fabrics and even comes equipped with opacity maps so you can adjust their appearance in Zbrush or any other application suitable for sculpting objects layer-by-layer!

“FlippedNormals Instant Fabrics are a revolutionary new fabric that can be used in high-end VFX applications. Developed by Flipper Norms, they have already been put to use on some of today’s most stunning movies.”