Get Started Using Rubberhose For After Effects

Ever had to rig characters in After Effects using DUIK? If so, then the newly released RubberHose tool might be for you. Built with character rigging complexity out of your way and made specifically for animation use-this new plug-in takes all that complicated work away!

The tool offers an easy way to get bendy and stretchy limbs for all the different parts in your scene, by creating a RubberHose element. You can edit it so that you have more control over how they behave when moving around or being posed with Pose Tools!

RubberHose is the first animation rigging tool for After Effects base entirely on shape layers.

RubberHose is a new character animation tool that’s been in development for over six months. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to get started using it and cover some of its features like styling your hose from the After Effects interface with ease while diving into more complex workflows where Rubberhosers can really shine!

RubberHose for After Effects will save you a lot of time and effort. You can get back to animating, rather than spending hours on tedious technical tasks like setting up characters in Ae! Check out Battle Axe’s Rubber Hoses at www[.]rubberhosenforae[ Dot Com].