Getting Great Shaded Renders When Presenting Models in Zbrush

Shaun Keenan, a 3D artist and sculptor from Ireland shares his workflow for producing high quality models. He shows us how to use custom MATcaps and create an attractive Zbrush model in one step with Best Preview Render.

With 3D models or sculpts, you can present your best work to potential clients and employers. You may also want show off these pieces in the portfolio as a modeler – it’s important for showcasing what they have done!

Professionally Presenting Models: How to Achieve Great Shaded Renders is an in-depth tutorial that teaches you how to achieve professional quality shaded renders. Shaun provides different techniques for creating materials, adding custom lights and also shows the process of setting up multi-pass rendering onto images which can later be composited together using Photoshop or other software programs like NukeX.