Getting Started Generating Landscapes With World Creator

Using World Builder and C4D, Dimitris Katsafouros covers the basics that will help you start your journey as an experienced 3D artist.

Have you always wanted to create a landscape in 3D? There are different ways for doing this. For example, World Machine and Gaea offer sophisticated tools that will allow the artist more control over their creations than what is offered by DCC or other apps on OSX. In addition there’s World Builder – an app which lets anyone make terrains from scratch right within Xcode!

Are You Creating Terrain & Landscapes In The Third Dimension.

World Builder is a great way to create landscapes and elements in minutes. This tutorial by Dimitris Katsafouros shows you how! You can use World Builder for all sorts of things, like creating terrains or even mixing workflows with Quixel & Cinema 4D if that’s what gets your creative wheels turning.