Getting Started Using Cloud-based

In this 1 minute tutorial, you will learn how to use some of the features in – a cloud and browser-based 3D modeling application that lets users create animations with ease!

Recently, had an official lunch with the Chaos Group’s V-Ray rendering completely integrated in the cloud and they amazed us by its power! This means that you can render out using V rays all of your favorite content from Clara’s platform – no matter where or when!.

V-Ray in integrates:

  • Light Types: Mesh, Sun, Area, Hemisphere, Omni, Spot and Directional.
  • Materials: Standard, Car Paint, Subsurface Scattering, Bump, and Layered BRDF Materials.
  • Rendering: Global Illumination, Color Bleeding, Reflections, Refraction, and Caustics.
  • Custom Formats: Vismats, VRMats and VRScenes.
  • Advanced Controls: Sampling, Quality, Bucket Order, Color Mapping, and Environment Maps.