Getting Started With 3D Camera Tracking In Nuke

Anthony Marigliano shows how to use Nuke’s camera tracker for a VFX shot.

Nuke is a toolset for VFX artists and compositors. It includes the ability to track shots in 2D space as well as 3D, which makes it an all-inclusive package that can help you with anything from simple effects like adding smoke or fireballs on top of your video shot entirely through creating animated characters whose movements follow what’s happening within their environment – everything!

In this tutorial by Anthony Marigliano, he will show how easy tracking camera positions using NUKE’s built-in tools really are when working here at home studio facilities including aerial views where I’ll demonstrate just one little trick involving particles flying around during playback mode while editing.

Tracking, Exporting to Maya, Adding FX.

The tutorial covers how to create 3D tracking data from a piece of aerial footage. The Tracking Data is then moved into Autodesk Maya in order add some retro effects, like an old television set with rabbit ears for antennae or lightning flashing across the sky while thunder crackles audibly off camera behind it (think 1970s movie scenes).

Anthony also employs real-time volumetric fluid simulation software called “Embergen” which creates smoke plumes that give this scene life; finally Redshift takes care our final renders so we can see what has been created!

About Anthony Marigliano.

Anthony Marigliano is a VFX compositor and FX artist currently an associate instructor for the production block at the D.A.V.E. School in Orlando, Florida.