Getting Started With After Effects Expression Basics

Get up to speed with After Effects in a fun and easy way, through this multi-part series. A Nairobi based motion graphic artist is now offering tutorials on how people can use the popular computer graphics program called “After Effects.”

David Alex starts off by explaining what an expression template file does – it basically tells AE which font you want used for text or numerals; where things should go within your timeline (such as when frames start/end); whether something needs animation drawn into them automatically by altering properties like Scale Anchor Point Position(movement). This guide goes over all these basics plus more advanced features such as expressions & particles!

Expressions in After Effects can take your animation andAUto familiar territory. You’ll learn about linking the expression, evaluating expressions with variables or functions arrays (among other things), using control parameters like “timeBegin” for timing assistance; it’s not too hard if you take each concept one step at a time!

After Effects is a powerful and popular animation software that can be used to create your own 3D animated films. The first step in After effects for beginners starts with understanding what Expressions are all about, then we move onto cover creating controls as well as basic variables such arrays functions etc..
impose upon them so it will show you how easy or complicated each topic might get depending on the level of experience one has already had using this type of program before – but don’t worry! There IS help available if needed 🙂

Watch the playlist for the entire tutorial series here: