Getting Started With Dragonbones 2D Skeletal Animation

This week, Jay AnAm will walk you through the process of importing assets and creating simple animations with DragonBones Pro.

Dragon Bones Pro is an open-source 2D character rigging system for animations. A lot of the systems it features are relatable to how people work with 3D models, such as IK constraints and skinning techniques that help make movements look more natural when they’re done on a human-like figure or creature in any kind of media production pipeline!
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If you have heard of Esoteric Software’s Spine, DragonBones is in that same “runtime animation” category. It can export to multiple formats including HTML5 and Unity! You could also use it as a rigging or animation tool by exporting images sequences from the Bone hierarchy tree for more flexibility on where they go in your game engine.

A unique feature about this plugin is its ability to create rigged character skeletons which will allow developers who don’t want to animate their models themselves but still need bones-based animations without having another program editor open while coding through unity’s built-in tools – especially when working with large projects.

DragonBones Pro is a cross-platform animation solution that can be used on both Windows and MacOS. There’s also an option for converting flash animations into Dragon Bone-like output with their plugin, so you’ll never have to worry about not being able to use this program again!