Getting Started with FLIP FLUIDS for Blender – BEGINNERS START HERE

By The CG Essentials

In this video, I introduce you to using the fluid simulation add-on Flip Fluids for Blender. This amazing software can be used in order create stunning simulations of fluids inside your computer game or 3D animated film! We’ll talk about setting up a basic scenario by creating domains and custom Fluid Objects before finally rendering an animation on our rigged character with all types of different liquids pouring off its body as it moves around gracefully just like water droplets falling from wet hair when shampooing at home–amazing isn’t it?


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0:00 – Introduction
0:17 – Flip Fluids Download Location
1:03 – Link to Documentation Page
1:25 – Installing/Enabling the Add-On
2:03 – Creating your first simulation
2:25 – Adding a domain
3:05 – Adding a Fluid Object
3:50 – Saving/Setting a Bake Location
4:30 – Checking Render/Bake Settings
4:50 – Adjusting number of baked frames
5:05 – Baking your simulation (Precalculating fluids)
5:40 – Previewing fluids in the viewport
6:20 – Resolution of fluid simulation
7:05 – Applying Materials to your simulation
10:42 – Rendering our animation