Getting Started With Golaem Crowd In Maya

In the world of creating digital characters, Golaem Crowd has created a great tool for Autodesk Maya. It’s artist-friendly and offers all sorts of different crowd simulation tools so you can set up your scene quickly without worrying about tedious tasks like rigging or setting vertex colors!

Golaem Crowd is a great tool for working in Maya and has helped countless people get started with crowd simulation. This 10 minute tutorial shows you how to use it smoothly, efficiently, so that your models can have an effect on things like caching animations after they’re completed!

Golaem Crowd offers an intuitive interface, based on Maya workaday objects.

Golaem Crowd is a plugin that has pretty good Maya integration and makes it affordable for artists to skip the technical stuff needed. Artists from all over industry use Golaer Crowd as their go-to tool when they need quick, easy characters with great accuracy!

As an example, Rhythm & Hues used Golaem Crowd to create inhabitants of the city Meereen cheering in their fighting pit on last season’s Game Of Thrones.