Getting Started With Mantaflow Smoke In Blender

Sardi Pax has a quick look at using MantaFlow smoke and fire in Blender.

The new fluid simulation system in Blender 2.82 will ultimately replace the older gas, smoke and liquid tools with a single Mantaflow tool for creating convincing simulations of various types of liquids including blood.

The exciting news is that this latest addition heralds dramatic improvements not just to how fluids are modeled but also their appearance when being spilled on surfaces or sprayed into air!

Sardi Pax shows us how to create fire and smoke effects with Mantaflow using Blender 2.82, a new system that will make it much easier for artists like them! Despite being an experimental branch of the popular 3D program still in development at TUM Games Engineering Group (GEG).

Mantyflow is exciting because they have made open source fluid simulation framework available on Unity3d marketplace so other developers can use these tools as well when creating their own games or graphics based projects without any restrictions from copyright laws which might otherwise block their way if something isn’t designed specifically just for one game but instead used more broadly across many genres such.