Getting Started With Ngskintools In Maya

ngSkinTools is a new tool for editing character skins in Maya. The software has already enjoyed great success among artists, with thousands of people raving about its features and ease-of use!

A series by Viktoras will introduce users to this powerful application that allows them greater creativity when painting their own creations on topological surfaces using photoshop style layers so they can focus less time managing weights but still have full control over what goes into each layer – making it much more intuitive than any other method out there today;

Not only does the program allow you edit how your characters look at first glance (like skin weight)but also down below where clothes go or whatever dimension needs adjusting like height difference between two individuals who are wearing different clothing sets.

NgSkinTools is a plugin that doesn’t require any custom nodes. The plugin operates on standard Maya skinClusters, so you won’t have to worry about introducing new elements into your rig with this tool as it only uses default maya commands and settings for initializing animation constraints or even adding animations.

There are some additional script-driven tools within NgSKINTOOLS such as “remove constraint from bone target” but these can be deleted after use if they’re not needed anymore since most pipelines out there should work just fine without them anyway!

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