Getting Started With Opentoonz, Free Animation Production Software

Toonz, an Italian company famous for their long history in animation software and productions launched Toonz Open Source 2D Animation Tool after they were bought out by Japanese publisher Django.

A new program could revolutionize the future of 2D animation and lead to major increases in drawn art. Adobe, Toonboom-they’re all going up against a powerful alternative that’s available for free with no strings attached! – Amid Amidi, CartoonBrew

Open Toonz is a free and powerful tool that offers professional animators an abundance of features.

2D animators who have used After Effects will find it hard to transition into a 3D environment.

After Effects is one of the most versatile tools in any visualiser’s arsenal. It has so many different uses and can be learned quickly by anyone with an interest – no matter their skill level!

If you’re a former animator, OpenToonz might feel like home.

OpenToonz is an interesting animated film technique that makes use of the Xsheet rather than standard linear timelines. By doing this, OpenToonz puts focus on drawing its characters and not computer interpolated keyframes which give more realistic movement in their animations as opposed to other programs where customers have less control over certain aspects such as timing or camera angles for example.

There’s not a lot of information at the moment, but what there is should help you get started with OpenToonz. There are some community driven resources available as well!

If you’re interested in 3D modeling, OpenToonz is for YOU!

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