Getting Started With The Animschool Character Picker

What’s your super power? The ability to move with unmatched agility and speed. Well, not really… but wait! You can if you have this new tool that speeds up the character animation workflow – Character Picker for selecting controls in Animator Brent Forrests video tutorial found here:

A Character Picker is a device that allows you to interact with the characters in your animations by choosing elements from an outline panel. This can be helpful when working on complicated scenes and it’s better if we hide some parts of our animation controllers, because this makes things look more natural for us viewers!

AnimSchool is a great tool for 3D animators to use. It’s intuitive and lets you pick from different methods of animation, like keyframing or bones driven rigs easily without having any previous experience in this area!

AnimSchool is a free tool that allows you to build your own custom panel interface and buttons. You can assign them any command, so it’s perfect for quickly setting up different character modes in animation projects!

With AnimSchool’s Character Picker, you can create complex rig pickers that are tailored to how your work. With the help of Brent and this concise tutorial on its operation (he covers some basics but also shows neat tricks), anyone who wants an in-depth look at making character animations will be able set everything up themselves!

One of those tricks is how to get the plugin running regardless if you’re using a recent version or older one, by executing a short MEL script.

It’s a simple process to create a picker with the AnimSchool Character Picker. You can make single or multiple object buttons, script/command buttons and move groups of them all at once!

Animschool is awesome! From character pickers to the animating process, Brent Forrest has you covered. Check out his post on how it works over at RenderDigimania for more information about this awesome tool in my opinion worth checking out.

I’ll let that sink in then come back here and share some of your thoughts or questions if anything came up while reading.