Getting Started With The Bifrost Ocean Simulation System

Matt Chan Shows How to Create a Physically Accurate Ocean Using the Bifrost Ocean Simulation System (BOSS).

Autodesk’s Maya Bifrost is more than just a fluid simulation tool. It’s also an innovative framework that covers FLIP solvers and aerodynamic effects, like smoke; with all these possibilities it has now become the go-to for anyone who wants to create flowing oceans or even simulate how they would look under water—you can make your own simulations by controlling forces in 3ds Max (like collisions), using colliders as boundaries between elements onshore which cause waves when hit by breakers at sea.

The ocean is a vast, exciting place with so many different things to see and do. One of my favorite parts about the sea are all of its waves! They’re amazing for making me feel like I am actually out at sea on one boat or another – even if you can’t really swim very well yourself (or at all). And when we make our own foam? That makes this project extra special too because not only will it look realistic but also sound good doing it as well 🙂

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