Getting To Know The New Cinema 4d Renderer In After Effects

The new features in the latest Adobe CC suite are more than just projects and templates. It also includes a 3D composition renderer, which actually goes by the name of Cinema 4D Renderer!

The new Cinema 4D renderer is more than just a viewport shaper, it also has some awesome 3D features. For example the ability to generate text and shapes in After Effects or extruded planes that curve 2d objects without affecting their appearance! If you want see this for yourself check out what Sean Frangella did with his project here: rewarded/videos.

The new 3D features in After Effects have a single quality slider. This lets you choose between draft or higher settings, which is great because it means less time wasted on fiddling with sliders and more creativity!
The C4D renderer may be slow but at least we can use this one low-quality option to save some computer resources for when things really matter—such as rendering big movies?

The new Cinema 4D Renders are bringing 3D to the forefront of digital design once again, 20 years after it was last seen.
The feature that makes this application so great is how well-integrated with After Effects and other popular programs like Photoshop or Illustrator they can be; if you don’t rely on a specific workflow tool for your projects (such as Vray) then these renderers might just become another option worth considering when working away from home during remote work hours.