Ghibli Inspired Scene in Blender with Grease Pencil

By Kevandram

I had a great weekend two weekends ago, when I finally watched my first Studio Ghibli movie. The films were so beautiful and creative that they captured the imagination of not only myself but also friends who haven’t seen them before! It was amazing how much detail went into these animated movies to make them come alive on screen like an actual live action film with characters you can relate too. My favorite out of all four is Princess Mononoke because it has this epicness about it while still remaining totally cute…and adorable even! There’s just something magical in watching animation by one Japanese artist at work – Hayao Miyazaki.

In this video, I decided to create a Ghibli inspired scene in Blender based on The Wind Rises. To achieve this look for trees and grass close the style from Hayao Miyazaki’s movie with shaders from Kristof Dedene or Lightning Boy Studio if you’re trying something similar! You can find them here: www(dot)kristofdedenemedia[.]com/blog

Hope you enjoy!

Amazing resources for Ghibli inspired scenes!
Grass Tutorial by Kristof Dedene:
Clouds Tutorial by Kristof Dedene:
Trees Tutorial by Lightning Boy Studio:

0:00 – Intro
0:07 – Creating the Concept
0:30 – Creating the Trees
0:55 – Creating the Hill
1:10 – Creating the Clouds
1:41 – Drawing the Grass with Grease Pencil
2:03 – Drawing the Plants & Flowers
2:31 – Modeling Flowers for Different Poses
3:21 – Animating Butterflies with Grease Pencil
3:37 – Drawing Jiro and Naoko
3:51 – Scene Adjustments & Recoloring
4:08 – Hill Flower Elements
4:28 – Animating the Scene
5:11 – Text & Other Effects
5:34 – “A Journey (A Dream of Flight)” Piano Cover
5:51 – Final

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