Ghibli Stylized Grass with Shadows in Eevee | Blender Tutorial (OUT OF DATE, SEE DISCRIPTION)

By LanceBeryl Dev

Hey! I’m so sorry to hear about the issue with your Blender installation. It looks like Kidane has found a better method for achieving these results, and you can find out more in his follow-up video here: this first instance contains some interesting information that might be helpful too.).

(Original Description) Sick of your shadows just not working with stylized grass / fur? No longer an issue! Hopefully my first ever tutorial (and voice-over video in over 3 years) turned out okay. I know the audio does get a little suppressed midway through; after an hour of troubleshooting before hand, and around 10 hours of editing after the fact, this was the best I manage for now. Again I apologize.

Special thanks to these three for their wonderful Ghibli related tutorials / videos:

Lightning Boy Studio:

Kristof Dedene:


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