Gimbal Master For Cinema 4D

No matter what application you call home… There will be times when a Gimbal Lock happens. If it doesn’t happen, I can’t say for sure because when they do -you’ll know! Basically this is where rotational axis aligns and suddenly your rotation orders get screwed up in such a way that there’s less freedom- rational or otherwise- depending if its an issue with the machine itself (gimballed), piloting skillset(piloted)aircraft limitations etc..

We’ve all beenthere before but luckily we have autopilot options nowadays which keep us flying around without totally screwing things.

The Gimbal Lock issue is a common problem in the motion graphics industry. There are many ways to combat this, and sometimes different apps may use rotational orders accordingly like Maya does for instance by switching between Euler angles or Quaternion. If you’re using Cinema 4D however there might be another solution that would work better than those two mentioned above!

David Weidemann built a plugin called Gimbal Master, which is meant to convert and rewrite the rotation order of your troublesome objects so they don’t cause any animation issues. It’s not always successful at restoring an object back into its original form; however in some cases this force-conversion can be enough for keeping gimbal lock away forever!

Gimbal Mater will:

  • Gimbal Master analyses your existing corrupted animation and calculates how suitable each rotation order would be for these movements.
  • Choose a new rotation order after examining the gimbal lock graph.
  • Convert your animation to a new rotation order, regain control over your animation’s rotations and save yourself a lot of time and headaches.

The plugin is available on the GumRoad website. It functions with Cinema 4D R15 -17, so make sure you download it now!