Gimbal Master For Cinema 4D

The Gimbal Lock is a condition that affects almost all camera platforms. It happens when your rotational axis aligns, and suddenly you have lost rational freedom! The best way to avoid this dilemma? Be ready for it by understanding how the lock develops in advance so we can get back on track quickly with minimal damage or loss of data. The tone should be informative.

There are many ways to combat the Gimbal Lock issue. For instance, Maya can switch between Euler angles and Quaternion rotational orders while Cinema 4D offers another solution that you might want to look into for your project needs.

If you’ve found that your camera is acting erratically, then this article has something for you. David Weidemann created Gimbal Master to fix the problems with gimbal lock and other animation issues when converting rotational orders in Final Cut Pro X – it’s not a sure fire method though so sometimes things don’t work as expected but at least using this plugin will keep those pesky “gimmicks” from happening anymore!

Gimbal Mater will:

  • Gimbal Master analyses your existing corrupted animation and calculates how suitable each rotation order would be for these movements.
  • Choose a new rotation order after examining the gimbal lock graph.
  • Convert your animation to a new rotation order, regain control over your animation’s rotations and save yourself a lot of time and headaches.

What are you waiting for? Get your copy now! The plugin works with Cinema 4D R15 – 17.