Grass Kit 5 For Cinema 4D Adds Support For New Render Engines And Features

Grass Kit gains support for renderers like Redshift and more and C4D R23.

Bosko Lazovic has released a new update for the Grass Kit in his plugin. This tool is designed to help users create grasses and fields that are realistic when rendered, like what you see on TV commercials everyday!

New Render Engine Support.

The latest Grass Kit update now includes support for five render engines. These include V-Ray 3.7, C4D’s Physical Renderer, Corona Render and Redshift as well as the newest version of Arnold which has just been released!

The Lazovic Cloning Kit is a revolutionary new tool for any professional photographer. Not only does it offer an unprecedented speed boost, but the cloners in this kit have been designed with features that are essential to maximizing your efficiency including altitude clipping and collison so you can focus more time on capturing perfect images!

Get Grass Kit 5.

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