Hard Surface ZBrush Tutorial Modeling A UH-60 Rotor

I’ve learned over the years how to model in Z brush. I found it useful for myself, so thought it might be helpful if someone out there learns from me too! In this tutorial I’ll show you my personal techniques and workflows that I use on a daily basis while modeling hard surfaces such as machines or buildings with tips and tricks to get your models looking their best before sending them off to major 3D software packages like Maya, Modo or Cinema 4d.

Download Tutorial: https://www.artstation.com/a/4314062


Download Tutorial: https://www.artstation.com/a/4314062

Topics Covered

  • Zmodeler
  • Zremesher (for hard surface)
  • Sculptris Pro
  • Booleans 
  • Gizmo Deformers
  • Array Mesh
  • Clip and Slice Brushes
  • Retopology Techniques
  • and more . . .

Whats included in this Zbrush Tutorial:

  • 70+ Videos with 9+ hours of footage covering ZBrush Hard Surface Techniques
  • No time-lapse demo, modeling a UH-60 Main Rotor for a practical example of the above techniques
  • Audio commentary in English to accompany the videos
  • Orthographic screenshots of individual parts from the UH-60 Rotor if you’re interested in modeling this piece together with me

Download Tutorial: https://www.artstation.com/a/4314062

I’ve had a few of you asking me for this so, here’s a Dropbox link to my Custom UI DownloadThere might be missing items because of plugins and custom macros. Downloading the plugins listed in the intro video will help fill in the gaps.

Note: This tutorial is intended for people with intermediate to advanced experience in ZBrush. I won’t be covering beginner ZBrush processes such as user interface since there are plenty of resources out there for these. I will mainly be covering workflows and techniques.