Have A Look At Pulldownit Emit Dust From Fragments

Esteban Cuesta Shows Off a New Feature of PullDownIt 4.5 That Lets You Emit Dust from Broken Fragments.

With the recent update, PullDownIt (PDI) makes Maya’s user experience smoother and more responsive. It also has some innovative solver code which speeds up mesh deformation when working with PFI dynamics objects like character skins or nCloth shapes included in your animation; this is all good news! There’s another tool that allows you attach particles easily – just think about how much time can be saved by using these features instead of creating new ones from scratch every time an actor needs something floating around him/herself?

Add Additional Debris With Particles and Fluids

With the new PullDownIt 4.5 utility, you can emit fluids or additional debris from destruction simulations on a per-material basis! No longer will Maya nParticles be limited to one map when performing certain kinds of effects with this amazing software update.

Esteban Cuesta has created a tutorial that shows how to break columns in Maya using the latest version of PDI.

About PullDownIt

The power of destruction is at your fingertips with PullDownIt for Maya and 3ds Max. With this dynamic solver, you can create anything ranging from fractures to rigid body simulation! Learn more about how it works here.