Have A Look At Some Of The Features In Fracture Fx 2

The Fracture FX 2 is now available, adding features like Springs and the ability to transfer a simulation from low resolution mesh in seconds.

The Fracture FX plugin is the defacto solution for any Autodesk Maya user. It can be used in a procedural and event driven workflow, even if you are just starting out with these types of simulations- which guarantees no one will feel left behind or lost! The many amazing features that come along with this program make it perfect whether your looking to learn more about how they work or want some high end cinematic effects on your movie set
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Fracture FX 2 is an excellent upgrade for any game that features fracture effects. Springs allow you to control how the broken pieces interact with each other, sticking together at different rates depending on settings in-game or through modifiers; this means no more “broken” animations when dealing with fractures! You can even use multiple active and passive springs simultaneously without issue so your sims will always be sitting pretty.”

In Fracture FX 2 you can transfer a simulation over to high resolutions mesh for an even more detailed preview. This lets designers iterate and progress the animation faster, leading them down less time consuming paths while still being able see what’s going on inside your rig at all times!