Have A Look At What Rigging In Harmony Looks Like

2D rigging can be done in many different ways with a variety of tools. Moho, After Effects, and Animator (Flash) are just some that come to mind when thinking about character work on screen or paper; however, there is one application not often mentioned which has its benefits for what you might need: ToomBoom Harmony.

The software’s capabilities go beyond standard motion capture by including 2d actor 09 animations so they aren’t limited solely within your imagination alone!

Toon Boom is the industry standard for drawing, painting, and animating.

Tracy Strong is an Effects Animator and Animation Generalist who specializes in ToonBoom Harmony. She knows how to use this program’s built-in tools or create custom rigging for any type of character, but her most popular technique has been creating tutorials on YouTube with interesting illustrations that show viewers what they need at their own workstations – whether it be ordering points from drawings & pegs using picots as well!

ToonBoom Harmony is a subscription service that offers three different varieties for you to choose from: Essentials, Advanced and Premium versions. The higher up in pricing your desired version of Toon Boom Harmony is the more features will be included with it!

It’s fascinating to see the workflow, tools, and how things are done in other applications. It was cool that Tracy gave a great foundation for what rigging looks like on Toon Boom!