Have Cineware In After Effects Show Physical Render Settings From Cinema 4d

Vic Garcia found that the Physical renderer in C4D does not work properly without a plugin, so he tried out After Effects with different plugins. He discovered that even though it has depth of field and motion blur effects built-in through its link with Cinema 4d’s cineware package; when using these features on Adobe products like Premiere Pro CC or Illustrator CS+, they’re shown as if coming from another application rather than what was created specifically for video production devices such as those used by professionals whose livelihood depends upon their skillset.

In recent toying around at home experimenting between various types limitations environments(depthofField blurredMotionBlur), Vic.

After a bit of tweaking, Vic found that some settings needed to be changed for his project. Luckily Cineware has an option in their plugin which allows it point itself at the retail version instead of lite so he could get DOF and other physical renderer properties working with Ae- not bad!