Have Your Character Hold And Throw Props In Moho

Throwing props can be super easy in Moho (Animate Studio). If you work with animating 2D characters, then rigging is a really important part of the process. You also know that character riggers are everywhere and their job includes expanding your cast into all sorts of things – from interactive objects to picking something up off-screen! But what if I told you there was an even simpler way? Well it turns out sometimes throwing stuff just isn’t enough anymore thanks to our handy new tool for adding interactions: Prop Tosser Plus.

Inflexible After Effects

To make sure your props are in character, you may need to set up two or three. One will always be their hand and another can act as the throwable prop while still others may rely on 3rd party tools like Good Parents for assistance with visibility of what is being shown off at any given moment.

Why Not Just Key Parenting?

With Moho, you can just set the parenting key for a task without buying anything else. Although Anime Studio does have some constraints when doing this kind of stuff like in Animate Studio Pro where there are limits on what characters hold and throw props from their hands with ease by simply using keys that make them easier-to use than ever before!

With Moho installed onto your computer or mobile device as an extension plugin (download here), utilizing these character design tools has become much simpler because all one needs to do now is create different types if motion data outroutines broken down into 10 actions each which will then help inform how things move along during rendered frames at 30fps per second–and voila!–you’ve got yourself.

Constraints are Really Flexible

Ultimately, a constraint system solves all of these problems. With one such as the parent node in our cup example, for instance to have any number you can be assigned from 1-14 parents by other nodes on your graph (children). If we want more than one hand holding it while still belonging only to ourselves at first glance; there are two possibilities: use another type like an edge or indirect relationship between both hands held together which has weight keyed but also allows each individual piece moved separately too!

The output should contain.