Helge Maus Preps New Pbr Workflow Series For C4d, 3d-coat

Pixeltrain Previews an Upcoming Series that Details the PBR Workflow Between Cinema 4D and 3D-Coat.

The latest from PixelTrain is a new workflow series that will teach you how to use PBR techniques in 3D. Each article covers one part of production, starting with UV unwrapping and smart materials before teaching the reader how create textures for their models using Corona orcycles 4d(Cinema) software at higher resolution than what they would be able graphics card-bound plug ins like Lux Render’s Mental Ray renderer offer without needing any extra hardware on set – only your laptop!

The upcoming workflows are made by Helge Maus who previewed them recently during an interview where he mentioned plans about rendering cores between Cinema4Ds own Fluids Engine.

The new Corona Node-Editor is a great way to create and connect all your PBR textures. First, Helge shows how he uses it in this video by building nodes that will render everything correctly with the help of some Material Maps as well! He also covers what you need know about sRGB profiles vs linear ones while here on Bitmap node.